10-07-16 My Sons

He wants to be a fireman for Halloween. Last week it was Spiderman. Next week it might be too, but for today, he wants to be a fireman.

You want to know what one of the amazing things about Big E is? When he is at a loss for words… when he wants to fill a silence… when he loses track of this thoughts, he will say, “Mommy, I love you.” It’s spontaneous, unrehearsed, and absolutely genuine. That’s what you get with Big E.

Sure, there are things about him that drive me crazy, like the way he doesn’t look forward when he rides on his bike or the way he will sneak out of his room at night with made up excuses to avoid bedtime, but seriously, this kid is sweet.


I put Baby E’s new (to him) bear pajamas on this evening. They are 18 month clothes, which are normally way too big, but he totally rocked them with his oversized head and protruding belly. Actually they were a little snug, but he insisted on keeping them on tonight.

I’ll admit that this week has been rough, and pretty lonely. Tim has been working long hours and I miss having him around. The kids miss him terribly. They’ve been acting out more than normal, and when I discipline them they beg for Daddy. I’m truly looking forward to a weekend together without any commitments beyond being a family. I think my perfect weekend would be popcorn, movies, and zero responsibility!

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