10-08-16 Midnight Buddy


This little fellow was a challenge last night. I heard him crying around 12 am and when I went in he was positively inconsolable. He didn’t want me to touch him. He didn’t want his paci or a bottle. He didn’t want me to leave. He didn’t want me to look at him. He didn’t want me to be anywhere near. But he didn’t want me far away either.

Amid angry protests, I brought him downstairs- snot and tears streaming down his face. I offered him almond milk, cereal, waffles. Nothing seemed to work. I finally offered him a cookie, which he reluctantly accepted after about three tries.

Finally the wailing stopped and he began to calm down. He begged to watch tv, and since we was holding a cookie in one hand and was covered in slime and sadness, I relented. We watched a good hour of Doc McStuffins. Again, he didn’t want me to touch him, but he didn’t want me to leave him either. I changed his diaper. I got him out of his warm pjs.

After the hour I decided to put him back to bed. Again, he got hysterical but I was firm that he wasn’t getting out of bed. I sang to him for awhile and after about a half hour, I told him it was definitely time for bed. He cried as I left the room, and it was heartbreaking to hear him wailing as I crawled back into bed, but within 5 minutes it was quiet and he was asleep.

I’m praying that whatever was giving him problems last night won’t do so again this evening! Sleep tight little one!

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