10-09-16 Our Sports Family



Out of the blue the other day C pipes up and says, “Mommy! Do you know who my favorite sports team is??”

I was curious about this question because I really had no idea. I did not grow up in a family that watched sports. Occasionally we would watch a Super Bowl. But the extent of our sports watching really boiled down to Olympic Gymnastics and Figure Skating. I never played sports growing up (except for that brief stint with fencing in my late teens) and I have only attended two baseball games in my life. I didn’t go to public high school, so I wasn’t exposed to high school sports, and the college I went to only had one Division 1 sports team (fencing). I didn’t marry a man that was into sports and none of my really close friends are into them either. So my sports knowledge is pretty close to nonexistent.

But I decided to humor her… “What’s your favorite sports team?”

She answered, “The Redskins.”

“Really? What sport do the Redskins play?”

“Basketball,” she answered. (a kid after my own heart.)

“No honey. The Redskins don’t play basketball. They play baseball…(pause)… Oh wait. No! Redskins play football. Definitely football!!”

Sheesh! Definitely not a sports family!



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