10-17-16 I do have this problem…


Me- C, how’s school. Are there any kids there that don’t like you or give you a hard time?

C- No. No everyone is nice to me.

Me- Oh good.

C- Well, actually, I do have this problem… You see, whenever I am playing with Jenny* and *Molly comes over to talk to me she doesn’t want to talk to Jenny. I get sad that Jenny thinks that I don’t want to talk to her when Molly is talking to me.


I love that my girl notices when things aren’t fair. I love that she sees when people feel left out and that it bothers her. I love that she stands up for other people and makes friends with the kids that don’t have friends. It’s such a blessing to watch her grow into such a kind, caring, and compassionate person.


*names changed

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