10-20-16 Beyond Measure

After days of intense heat, the wind started picking up this evening. Perpetual night is coming soon. We sat on our stoop and ate pizza in the dark, the breeze tossing our hair and grabbing at our paper plates. It’s nearing the end of October and the bitter cold nights will be soon be upon us. I used to love winter, but that was years ago, back when it conjured up thoughts of snowy evenings and hot chocolate. Those idyllic scenes have long been replaced with treacherous commutes and stomach bugs.

However today, with its bright sun and warmth, begged us to linger outside a little longer when we got home. It was completely dark when we came inside.

Namma, Namma Baby E begged as I laid him down into bed. For the first time, he is starting to be specific about what he wants to read at night. Llama Llama Red Pajama. It was too late to read, but I compromised with him and let him keep it in his bed.

The big kids are camping on the floor again tonight. They showered me in machine gun kisses before I left the room, Big E begging for more light so the shadows wouldn’t scare him. Laundry is running. The cat is pacing the floor for her dinner.

Life is good.

In all of its crazy, hectic, exhausting moments… life is good. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure.

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