10-19-16 Floor Camping

Can you put our pillows far apart so that we don’t play? C asked as I set up Big E’s makeshift bed.


The big kids are sleeping on the floor tonight. I’m not exactly sure why except that C and I were cuddling last night on the floor and she asked to stay there when I left. She spent the night there. Tonight she wanted to do it again. And naturally Big E can’t pass on a chance to do something his big sister is doing, so he’s on the floor now too.

What is it about kids and sleeping anywhere but in their beds?

When we were kids, the farmhouse we lived in had pretty good sized closets. The one outside my sister’s door was particularly fun to hide out in and there were a few times that we tried to spend the night in there. But it never really worked out because the floors were hard wood and we probably only lasted about 15 minutes before he headed for greener pastures.

Often during the start of summer, before the window units had been put into the upstairs windows, we would camp out on the living room floor. With a sheet hung across the entrance way and the window unit pumping out frigid air, it was the best room in the house for sleeping.


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