11-12-16 Feeling like a mom.

I’m feeling like a mom again.

It’s been two weeks. Two weeks that have flown by in a blur and yet lumbered sluggishly hour by hour. The first week was spent mostly in bed, watching the trees outside my window and listening to the activity happening around my house. The second week was a chance to push myself, getting out as much as I could and building up my stamina. In all that time I have had a small army around me to help our family continue to run smoothly. Tim has been off work and has shouldered the brunt of the household duties and child care.

And while I absolutely needed that to happen, it did put me out of the loop with my kids. They learned quickly to rely on daddy these past two weeks, but I’m picking up more responsibilities in taking care of them again. I’m changing a few diapers when I can chase Baby E down. I’m fixing breakfast and running some laundry. I’m helping to tuck them into bed. I tire easily, but I’m grateful to be up and about.

I’m really hoping the surgeon clears me for lifting on Tuesday, even though they initially said 4-6 weeks. I miss holding my baby boy.


This girl had an American Heritage Girl fundraiser this morning, so we went to a local restaurant for a pancake breakfast. The food was delicious and C was excited to be helping out her troop.


But the absolute highlight of her day was losing her first tooth! She kept saying, “I can’t believe I lost my tooth!!!” (In other news she also lost her toenail. Yup, the one she dropped a brick on in the beginning of August. That took long enough.) I asked her if she was expecting to lose any other body parts this evening and she informed me she thought she was done. 🙂 Let’s hope so!


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