11-11-16 The Loose Tooth


The Tooth Fairy isn’t real, she said as she glanced at me looking for confirmation. She has had a loose tooth for about a month now, but this evening it really started to wiggle. It started bleeding, and instead of freaking out, as I expected her to, she just smiled and ran over to her daddy to get a wet paper towel. The adult tooth is coming in behind it, so it is only a matter of time before the baby one falls out. I’m hoping it happens this weekend.

It’s the parents that are the Tooth Fairy, she confidently announced in front of the neighbor children and I had to take her aside and remind her that there are some children that believe in the Tooth Fairy and it isn’t our place to tell them she isn’t real.

I’m not sure what the going rate for teeth is these days, but I have a dollar that I’ve been saving in my wallet since she first mentioned her loose tooth weeks ago. So if you see my girl in the next few weeks and she has a gap in her grin, take a moment to tell her how different and grown up she looks, I am sure you will get a great, big smile! 🙂

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