11-15-16 Tomorrow

Tomorrow I go back to work.

These past two and a half weeks have seemed like a lifetime, but it is now drawing to a close. I met with my surgeon this afternoon and she said the incisions look great, which they do. She said to expect that my insides will still be healing for a few weeks, so I might have some tenderness, and I need to start using the muscles I’ve been resting the past few weeks, i.e. my stomach muscles. She cleared me to *try* to lift Baby E, but that it might still be too much at this point, so I should take it slow. So, I’ll only lift him when absolutely necessary for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll admit I am both excited and nervous to get back into our routine. Tomorrow seems like a huge mountain to get over, but once that is done, it should be pretty easy to settle back in. I am grateful to my MOPS moms, who are covering us with dinner this week, which is greatly appreciated because I’m pretty sure I will be completely spent by the time I get home in the evenings. Thank you so much. 🙂


Today was parent day at C’s school. When we arrived her class was in art, so we got to sit in  on her class and help her with her project. They made a dreamcatcher. It’s currently hanging on my little Christmas tree. After art was recess, so we went outside with her and watched her as she played and ran around with her friends. Every once in awhile she would look up just to make sure we were still watching.

From there, I left for my appointment while Tim stuck around. Afterwards he took her on a date to Burger King before picking up the boys.

This evening was pretty low key with some cleaning, homework, and eating dinner.

Thank you again for everyone that has prayed for us the past several weeks, and also to all of those that sent letters, messages, meals, etc. The outpouring of love has really been amazing. Thank you!


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