11-16-16 My Boy… His Heart

There is something special about Big E’s heart.

A few weeks ago, before the incident, we had picked up some Operation Christmas shoeboxes at our church to fill and send off. Then everything happened and we didn’t get the chance to do them. I had them set aside to take back. Apparently Big E saw one this morning after C got on the bus and decided to take it upon himself to fill it up. He went around and grabbed up a bunch of small toys, most of which have been his prized possessions as of late. He got some trains, some hot wheels, etc. He seemed excited about how much the other kids would like the toys he picked out because he liked them so much.

This boy melts my heart!

His selflessness never ceases to amaze me, and given the opportunity he has proven himself to be compassionate and generous time and time again. What a treasure!

Today was my first day back and at work and I was pretty nervous getting ready this morning, but the drive in was uneventful and everyone was very kind when I got there. Besides being extremely tired and worn out by the end of it, it was a great first day back!

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