11-22-16 Another Visit Already?!?


She was fidgeting a lot while I was reading her her new book this evening. It was very unusual, because typically she is glued to a story to the very end. Her fingers were in and out of her mouth. Finally she announced, “I can’t believe I have another loose tooth already!” She’s had a second loose tooth for a few weeks, but the last time I looked it was still in there pretty sturdy so I was surprised when I glanced over and saw that it was bending straight out of her mouth, being held on by a small piece of skin. “I can’t stand that it is still in there!!!” she whined.

Like any good mother at the possible onset of another milestone I quickly googled the best way to pull a loose tooth.

When we were kids, my parents would tie string around the tooth and yank it out. I wondered if this was still common practice.

I didn’t get the opportunity to learn the answer to that question, because no sooner had my google results displayed on the screen, she let out a gasp and displayed her tooth in the palm of her hand. With a big, gappy smile she couldn’t stop giggling.


For the second time in two weeks, we placed a tooth in a baggie and tucked it nicely under her pillow. And for the second time in two weeks I get to sneak in and switch it out for the promised reward.

If you happen to see her, give her the opportunity to share her big news. She can’t wait to let people know. 🙂

To make her day even more spectacular, it was Grandparents’ Day at her school. I went for the first little while, along with Tim and his mom, both of whom stayed for the entire event. When I left them they were standing in line at the book fair with a couple of books C had picked out. She was pretty excited to have her grandma there to see her at school.


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