11-23-16 I Love You Food

From the first day that we came home from the hospital, our little family has been showered with food. Family, friends, and church members stepped up and for three weeks, we didn’t have to worry about how we were going to manage our evening meals. Many of the meals stretched for lunchtimes and I was even able to freeze some for lunches for the next week or so! I can attest that this was such an amazing help to us. The outpouring of love and concern for our family was truly heart touching.

There was one evening early on that my children turned up their nose to one of the meals. Of late, my children have taken on the unpleasant habit of being picky eaters, and I decided there was no place for that our table. So that evening I sat them down and informed them that the food on their plates was ‘I love you food.’ That there were people out there that knew that mommy had surgery and they knew that mommy would have a hard time making meals for the family, so they decided to make meals for us because they love us! So, when people bring ‘I love you food’ you have to eat it, because them sharing food with us is an act of love, and us eating it is an act of love as well.

Honestly, I expected a little push back from the kids, but they didn’t. They sat down at their seats and ate the food on their plates… and they didn’t complain!

So every day, Big E would ask us if we were getting “I love you food” again, and I would say yes and he would say, “Ok, I’ll eat it.” There was one night where he was disappointed in his option and he said, “I don’t like this food, mommy, but it’s ‘I love you food’ so I’m going to eat it!”

I was amazed how well and how much the kids ate over the past few weeks.

As for me and Tim, we really enjoyed each of the meals. If you sent a meal our way, feel free to share the recipes, because seriously, you people can cook! 🙂

As the food train was winding down, I took the opportunity to remind the kids that every meal that mommy makes is an ‘I love you food’ and I expect them to eat it like they ate the “I love you food” from the past few weeks. So when I set dinner in front of them this evening, they didn’t complain. They’ve made huge strides in this area and I am very proud of them!

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