12-04-16 Special Delivery


This evening was the children’s Christmas program at our church. The program was called “Special Delivery” and showed the angels side of the Nativity story. It was cute and silly and filled with lots of songs. I have to tell you, there were moments during the dress rehearsal (as there always are at every rehearsal I go to for anything at all) that I thought, “Wow, there is no way they are going to pull this off,” and yet they really did! The kids did such a great job and had wonderful energy and excitement for their entire show. C had been talking about it all day and couldn’t wait for the evening to come. We had missed a few rehearsals so I kind of expected her to not be very animated on stage, but instead she was keeping up with everyone around her and having a lot of fun doing it. Big E was doing pretty well until he noticed himself on the monitor and then we lost him to his own goofiness. Baby E was a most adorable shepherd, and while he humored me enough to get him in his outfit, he would have nothing to do with actually getting on stage to sing. So he sat on my lap and watched. It was such a lovely evening!

Kudos to all the people that worked so hard to make this night a success. Such a job well done!


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