12-07-16 Mallet Finger

This evening I have decided to compile a comprehensive list of things that you need the use of your right hand in order to accomplish…(especially if you are right-handed.)

  1. Life.

Yup, you need the use of your dominant hand for pretty much every activity in life, from getting dressed to cooking to turning your car on. *sigh*

I was very fortunate this morning to be able to get an early appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. After looking at my finger and the X-ray, he diagnosed me with Mallet Finger. Basically, the tendon that straightens the finger was injured. It was pulled away from the bone and in doing so actually pulled a piece of the bone with it. My finger is unable to straighten.

The good news is, it shouldn’t require surgery, which is a huge praise!! The unfortunate news is that it is a difficult break to heal and requires the finger to remain completely straight for no shorter than six weeks. The doctor was very insistent, and even asked me if I was up to the task, because otherwise it’s pointless to even try. Since I desperately want the use of that finger, I am completely on board. I’m currently in a plastic splint-thing that is lifting the tip of my finger up to line it up with the rest of my finger. The idea is to bring the bones up to the broken piece of bone instead of the other way around. With the finger completely straight, the broken piece has the chance to mend back together.

There is no taking off the splint to let it rest. I will be taking it off only when it needs re-taped or when it gets wet. And there were detailed instructions on exactly how that should be done. I go back in a week for my first follow up appointment.

So while it heals I am pretty limited with what I will be able to do. Jokingly, I said to the nurse, “I guess I won’t be doing many dishes,” to which she smiled and handed me some exam gloves. “You can wear these.” Darn, there was a solution. 🙂

Thankfully there is basically no pain unless it gets bumped or my hand instinctively tries to bend (which it can’t.) The rest of my body is pretty sore from the fall, but that should ease up in the next couple of days.

I had a nice chat with the kids this morning about the importance of putting their toys away, so hopefully that sticks. If it doesn’t the toys are going to start to disappear. Also, that tutu may accidentally catch on fire.



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