12-06-16 The Unfortunate Tutu Incident of 2016

Big E has had problems staying in his room at night. No sooner do I close the door then he is coming out of it complaining about shadows, or needing a drink, or going to the bathroom. We have had countless conversations about it and we did a chart for awhile and for a couple of months he was doing really well at it. But about a week and a half ago he started to regress and he’s been having the same evening complaints. Tonight I told him he was not allowed to leave his room under any circumstances (except to use the potty, and he didn’t need to inform me he was doing that.)

I came downstairs and was sitting at the computer. After about a half an hour I heard him shouting upstairs. I guess the kid thought he found a loophole and ‘shouting’ was a lesser sin than coming downstairs. When I heard him, my first thought was that he was going to wake up his siblings, and I didn’t want to have to try to get them back down to bed, especially Baby E.

So I hopped out of my chair and ran for the stairs…

However, I did not see C’s tutu laying on the ground at the base of the steps and when my foot landed on it, both feet slid out from underneath of me, flying up in the air and sending my whole body crashing down. I landed with a very loud thud, partly on my side and partly on my back. And my hand came crashing down, slightly twisted on the bottom stair.

I laid there for a moment in shock. Everything hurt, and I just moaned. After a couple of minutes the pain started to subside, but there was definite throbbing in my right ring finger. I looked over to see it bent somewhat strangely and starting to swell. I got up, checked on Big E and decided pretty quickly to get it looked at. Thankfully, my sweet army of family and friends stepped up again. My sister in law watched my sleeping kids until my in laws could get there and a dear friend went with me to urgent care. We got in right before they closed, which was wonderful.

One of the first things they asked was how much pain I was in on a scale of one to ten. Had they asked me that six weeks ago before my ectopic rupture, I probably would have said “six.” But that pain is still fresh in my memory, and comparing this pain to that I almost said “two.” But afraid they wouldn’t take me seriously enough, I compromised and said “four!” They took an x-ray (fun fact, my x-ray technician was also my realtor! Love her!!) and they informed me that a piece of bone chipped off near my upper knuckle. It may or may not be stuck in a tendon. And I may or may not (but kinda likely, but maybe not) need surgery to repair it. So, I have to contact a hand specialist/surgeon in the morning and make an appointment to have it examined. Meanwhile, they splinted it and gave me some ibuprofen.

So I’m home now, in minimal pain, but bummed that my hand is going to be a challenge in the days and weeks (and hopefully not months) to come. I am so very grateful I didn’t hit my head when I fell. My body is sore, and I imagine it will hurt more in the morning. I’m so very thankful to my family and friends for stepping up. And I am grateful we made it to urgent care in time and that they were super fast. (It saved us a long visit to the ER.) I’m feeling so incredibly blessed right now!!

Please pray that we get answers soon and that my finger heals quickly. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!



This is the face of ignorant bliss. Little did she know what kind of evening she was in for!!

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