12-10-16 Pies and Trains


I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” and this photo right here pretty much sums up my life as of late. After breakfast this morning, I decided that I would make a couple of chicken pot pies and freeze them for lunches for the week. Before I started, I didn’t anticipate how difficult this task would be because of my broken finger. It was quite a feat to chop up the chicken and the onions, but I got it done. I enlisted Tim to help me with some of the things that required two hands. It took so much longer than it should have, but I was pretty proud of my accomplishment when I put them in the oven. When the timer went off, I got the first one out with no problem, but as I was taking the second one out I could feel my right hand start to lose its grip. Knowing I couldn’t adjust my grip because of my finger, I tried to at least get it back in the oven before it fell, but I didn’t quite make it and it came crashing down onto the oven door and floor. I stood there, just staring at all the hard work strewn across the kitchen. Baby E rounded the corner and said, “Mommy, mess!!!” Yes, Baby E, Mommy made a mess.

Besides the pie on the floor, our day was actually pretty good. Tim and C spent some time this morning selling chocolate bars for American Heritage Girls at a local supermarket. After nap time this afternoon we took the kids to a nearby train display. When we walked in the door, Big E’s eyes got so big. He was definitely wowed by the whole set up. They were able to push some buttons to make sounds, and at least two of the train cars had cameras on them so the kids enjoyed waving at them and looking at the tvs. There were even sections of the tracks that were down at eye level for kids, so they enjoyed peering into this spaces. Baby E particularly liked the helicopter that was flying in circles above the train set. It was a very impressive set up and a great afternoon activity. 🙂



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