12-11-16 Success!!


One of the many things I love about C being in American Heritage Girls is that just like Girl Scouts, the girls work on badges throughout the year. This gives them the opportunity to experience a bunch of different skill sets. Apparently today was sewing day at her AHG troupe, so she brought home the project she worked on. She sat next to me and described how the single stitches were like dolphins jumping in and out of the water, while the stitches along the edge were just like a snake.


Not to be bested by my broken finger this weekend, I decided to attempt another round of pot pies today. It was less about actually needing more pot pies, and more about following up that failure with a success. I had bought a whole chicken yesterday at the store, so at 2 pm this afternoon I popped it in the oven. The final pot pies were removed this evening around 9pm. Seven hours!! That’s how long it took to make from start to finish. (That’s crazy!!) This time I had Tim handle the heavy stuff. I even planned the cook time of the chicken around the AHG meeting so I was pretty sure he would be home by the time I needed it out of the oven. The pies are now cooling on the stovetop… a definite success!!

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