12-17-16 Saturday


I found this hat today and shoved it on Baby E’s head. I say ‘shoved’ because it is actually a 12 month size hat, so he probably actually outgrew it at about 3 months. Assuming that he would pull it off the moment my hand was away, I was surprised to see that he wanted to keep it on… in fact he wanted it on all day. It would slip off and he would come running to me with his tiny little hat and beg me to put it back on. Naturally, I obliged.

We got our first truly wintery weather this morning with some freezing rain coming down in the early hours. But by this afternoon, the temps had risen enough for it to be almost pleasant outside. We packed up the kids and headed to Tim’s parents house to celebrate an early Christmas with Tim’s dad. The kids loved their presents and couldn’t wait to get them out of their boxes. Big E was especially excited because he got some Hot Wheels track and he just couldn’t sit still as daddy was putting it together. I’ve never seen him be so giddy. He’s going to be pretty excited to learn he will have some more to add to that on Christmas day! 🙂

Afterwards we grabbed some dinner and made it an early night home.


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