12-18-16 The Tale of the Red Cookie…

“Red Cookie! Red Cookie!” Baby E shouted as he came around the corner while I was making breakfast. Somehow he had found a package of Oreos (the kind with the red filling) and he was proudly displaying one in his hand. “Red Cookieeeee!!!!!!” I thought for a moment and decided this wasn’t a battle I wanted to fight first thing in the morning, and since the other kids were watching TV, they were likely not going to notice Baby E and his cookie. I told him it was fine and he walked away munching on his cookie.

Fast forward 5 minutes later and I had already forgotten about the cookie. I was still working on breakfast as I heard Baby E come down the stairs into the kitchen. I looked behind me as he rounded the corner and I froze. What is wrong with Baby E?? He sported a huge grin and his mouth and cheeks were covered in… blood?? It wasn’t blood, was it? No. Maybe?? No!! My mind raced through completely normal scenarios, like markers, to outrageously ridiculous scenarios like baby zombie apocalypse, before I finally settled on, oh yeah, RED COOKIES!! 


This evening we decided to take the children through a nearby park that was all decorated for Christmas. Baby E got really excited about the lights that looked like firetrucks, Charlotte enjoyed pretty much all of them, and Big E just couldn’t wait to go home.

As we were leaving I noted to Tim that their flier said it was their 30th year for doing the display. Big E piped up from the back seat saying, “No! We’ve been here for a hundred years!” More like 20 minutes, kid. 🙂


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