01-15-17 Sleepy Boy

I think when you are two years old… life is hard. Baby E has been sporting a cold for about a week. I’m always on edge when he gets anything resembling a cold because his lungs get bad quick. This time I decided to be more proactive, so we started giving him his inhaler early on. This has made this cold so much more mild than they have been in the past. (Seriously, a cold for most kids is just a cold, for Baby E it can mean a trip to the ER.)  I’m praying he kicks this thing soon. He seemed to get over the worst of it a few days ago.

That being said, he is more tired than normal and the poor fellow just couldn’t make it all the way through lunch today.


Since yesterday was a bust, I am so thankful that I have off tomorrow and that I will get to spend it with my sweet loves. 🙂 I think it’s going to be a watching-movies-eating-popcorn-drinking-hot-cocoa kind of day! Bring it on!


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