02-06-17 Mistaken Identity


Baby E stared lovingly at the nurse as she called him back to the triage room at the Urgent Care the other night. She was wearing  a medical mask over her nose and mouth. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a pony tail. “Julie! Julie!” He exclaimed with a huge grin on his face.

Baby E was convinced that he was looking at my sister, his Aunt Julie.

Now typically Baby E is not a huge fan of strangers. He looks with suspicion on anyone that comes near him, and this even reaches at times to his extended family. But since he was completely convinced that he was in the company of one of his favorite people in the world, he was completely relaxed. The nurse was able to do all the parts of the checkup on him, as he stared dreamily up at her face, smiling and flirting as she worked.

That was Thursday. This is now Monday.

Four days on the antibiotics and Baby E has been having a hard time kicking his cough, so we decided to take him to his pediatrician this morning. Apparently the, ahem, lovely doctor at the Urgent Care gave him a very mild antibiotic that didn’t actually help him all that much, so now Baby E is on a stronger antibiotic and a steroid inhaler (on top of his albuterol inhaler) and is continuing with the eye drops. So yeah, he’s a mess. Poor kid!



Big E working on his numbers.

C’s homework this week is on the night sky, so C, Big E, and I took a walk this evening to observe the moon and the stars. I am particularly fond of the winter night sky because it has Orion, the one and only constellation I can actually pick out. (Well, I can pick out the dippers, but I have no idea which one I’m looking at- Big or Little.) It was fun to explain to the kids about constellations and show them pictures on the phone of the constellation drawn out. They could compare it to what they saw in the sky. After we came in, C was able to draw her observations on her paper. We have to do it for the next several nights to see how the night sky changes. 🙂



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