02-07-17 Bob Ross? Yes, Bob Ross.

My children love to watch Bob Ross. You read that right. The soft spoken man with the incredibly impressive hair and love of oil painting can somehow enthrall my six and four year olds for hours on end.

A few weeks ago, Tim turned him on while the kids were in the room, and before we knew it they were glued to the television, watching his every brush stroke. It wasn’t long before they were calling me back in to the living room to point out the different paintings he was working on or the way he made the trees or cabins. One show started and I didn’t recognize the man painting, but assumed he had a guest hosting his show. At that point, C informed me that the man in question was in fact Bob Ross’s son. This morning they both requested paper and crayons so that they could draw along with Bob Ross as he painted, their rudimentary pictures mimicked his painting, complete with mountains, a lake, and a cabin.

I love that my children’s taste in television is so eclectic. Of course their favorites are cartoons, however in addition to their unusual love of Bob Ross, they also often request Good Mythical Morning, and When Calls The Heart. I’ll take any of those over endless episodes of Dino Trucks, thank you!


This evening after picking up the kids, I decided to take them to a nearby park that has fish ponds and fun little bridges. We picked up some food on our way and by the time we got there it was quite dark and cold. We had the little park to ourselves and we picked out a bench in which to enjoy our feast. Even though we had record temperatures for most of the day, it was starting to get colder and the kids trembled as they sat on their bench. I took the opportunity to give them a little lesson about wind, and explained to them that the temperature itself wasn’t very cold. I pointed to the large bay within reach of the park, and we talked about how the breeze coming off the cold water made it feel so much colder than it really was. Then we examined the night sky and talked about how we couldn’t see Orion tonight because the clouds were too thick. I always enjoy the chance to take normal moments and turn them into something they can learn about.

Today was C’s 100th day of school, so she was very excited to wear the shirt she made for the occasion.




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