02-22-17 A Perfect Gift

I first heard about weighted blankets a few months ago when I stumbled across them while undoubtably following a rabbit trail from something completely different. They caught my eye because I often sleep with a huge pile of blankets on top of me, not because I am cold but because I like the feeling of all the weight pressing down on top of me. For me, it helps me sleep better. As I started researching weighted blankets, I learned that they are often used for a range of situations from autism, to insomnia, to anxiety and depression as a way to create a calming environment. As I have dealt with anxiety (and panic attacks to a lesser degree) for years, I wondered if subconsciously that explained my obsession with blankets. I mentioned it in front of Tim one day and he must have stored the information away because for Valentine’s this year he decided to forgo flowers or chocolates, and instead got me a lovely, ten pound, blue chenille blanket. It arrived this evening and I couldn’t wait to unpack it. I pulled it out of the box, laid down on the couch and rearranged the blanket on top of me. As I laid there, I felt the weight of the blanket settle down on top and around me, I couldn’t have been more cozy!

So thank you, Tim, for my incredible Valentine’s gift. Now I can’t wait to go to sleep!!


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