02-23-17 The Dress


She’s been wearing the same dress four days in a row now. Each night before bed, as she is changing out of her daytime clothes she asks me if she can wear it again in the morning. Initially I thought about putting a stop to it, worried other kids might start to make fun of her for wearing the same thing over and over again, but I stopped myself because I realized that was my own fear, not hers. C has a mind of her own and a confidence I didn’t have as a young child and I admire her so much for this. She doesn’t care if her clothes go togetherĀ or her socks match or what people might think about what she wears. She’s too busy having fun learning and playing with her friends. And while she does not seek out attention, she does not shy from it when it lands on her. She stands up for what she believes and intervenes when she feels someone is being wronged. All around, I’d say she is a pretty amazing little girl.

So every night this week I have stayed up just a little longer so that I could run her sweet little dress through the washer. If she’s going to wear the same thing, it might as well be clean!

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