03-09-17 Poor third child…

We weren’t five minutes into dinner when I noticed that Baby E just couldn’t sit still. Every once in awhile he would start to wiggle and let out a little moan or grunt. I thought this strange because we were having one of his favorite meal, sausage and eggs (more sausage than eggs) and he really wasn’t focusing on it. Within a few more minutes he started to whine.

“Baby boo boo!” he whimpered. “Baby boo boo!”

I asked him what hurt and he said “back” and pointed behind him. I wondered what could be bothering him, as he had been running around just fine a few moments before. I went over to his high chair and made him lean forward. I noticed a strange lump underneath his shirt and I reached down his shirt to feel around for it. When I pulled my hand back out I had retrieved a small, green finger puppet with a wide open mouth and imposing teeth.

“Oh, I put that in his shirt,” Big E said matter of factly as he munched on his eggs. “There’s something else in there too.”

I dug in again and found a small plastic boulder. Poor third child, no wonder he was in pain. With that little incident went any interest Baby E had in dinner this evening. He’s going to be starving in the morning!


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