03-10-17 The Paci

Back in early December, Baby E had a stomach bug. That night he threw up all over his bedding and proceeded to throw up for the next several hours. With the first onslaught of vomit, I was able to convince him that his paci was yucky and that it made him sick (I know, I lied.) He was so miserable and tired that he didn’t even argue. The next night he asked for it and I reminded him that it was gross. For the following few nights he would ask on and off, but I would give the same response and he would say ok and snuggle down to sleep.

So that’s how we weened Baby E off his paci…

the first time.

You see, in a moment of sleep-deprived manic frustration and defeat during our five week sickness marathon I dug out the paci and popped it back in his mouth in hopes that we could possible, just maybe get a few hours of sleep. It worked like a charm, so much so in fact that he is quite attached to it again. He only gets it at night and only if he asks for it, but I know that in the next week or so we need to try getting it away from him again.

Poor little guy started to develop a stuffy nose last night and at about midnight he woke up complaining that his nose hurt. “You have boogers, kid. And you aren’t great at blowing your nose yet.” Every time I laid him down he would start crying, so I finally relented and brought him downstairs to watch TV and sit on the couch. So while most of the world (and the rest of my house) were cozy in their beds, I was sitting on the couch with Baby E feeding him bananas, watching the cat play, and gently persuading him that he was tired enough to go back to bed. I finally got him down around 2 and he woke up fine this morning. However tonight he was complaining about his nose hurting again. Hopefully this time he sleeps through it!!


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