03-16-17 A Date with my Best Girl

Tim and the boys spent the night away from home, so I made the ill fated decision to let C sleep in our bed with me last night. In my head this plan made perfect sense, but in reality it was harder than I anticipated. First of all, she tossed and turned all night long. Secondly, she snores. Thirdly, she kept waking me up blaming me for snoring (not sure if I was or if her own snoring was waking her up.) So, we barely got any sleep last night. However, even with those complaints, I actually really did love having her in bed with me, especially when she rolled over in the middle of the night and curled up against me.

Since the boys weren’t home yet this evening, I decided to take my best girl on a date after I picked her up. We went to a local pizza place and had dinner, talked, colored, and told jokes. It was a lovely evening spent getting to know the heart of my best girl just a little bit better. I love the little lady she is growing up to be!


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