03-21-17 Spring Break

I admit that I imagined my spring break to look much different than it does. No, I wasn’t expecting white sands and palm trees, but rather a few quiet days with a good book, and perhaps some much needed spring cleaning. It did not involve personalized vomit buckets, binge watching Beat Bugs, or medical masks, but such is life. Our best laid plans are often laid to waste, are they not?

It’s not all bad, really. I’ve gotten some cooking and cleaning done. I’ve received some wonderful cuddles from some precious kids. And I myself was able to binge watch the second season of Poldark, so it could be worse. A kind friend dropped off some coffee this afternoon in the midst of my confinement, so I do not feel neglected.

C still has a fever, but hasn’t thrown up since late last night, so hopefully tomorrow will bring some much needed respite. My final day of spring break will probably resemble my last two, but that’s alright. The positive is that I haven’t had to take leave time yet for this round of sickness, so there’s that I guess!

We are still praying the others don’t get it, (hence the binge watching television… it’s the only way I am sure to keep the kids separated.) And I pray Charlotte starts bouncing back. She is eating and drinking pretty well, but is still complaining of a tummy ache and headache. Thanks for the prayer and well wishes!

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