03-22-17 The Monster

Baby E has been amusing himself lately by putting on his older brother’s shirts. Some of them hang like dresses on him, but he doesn’t seem to mind and prefers to spend the day in them. This morning I put him in a shirt that Big E recently grew out of but was always one of his favorites. It has a large monster truck on it. Since Baby E loves trucks of all kinds I thought he might enjoy wearing it. I slipped it over his head and pointed to his shirt. “Do you see that?!? It’s a monster truck on your shirt!”

“Monster?” Baby E said in horror. “Eat me????” He stared at the shirt with a definite look of distrust, but I was able to convince him after a moment that there was no monster lurking on his shirt and that he was going to be just fine. Poor kid!


C woke up this morning with her fever gone, so I am glad to see that she is definitely on the mend. We had yet another lazy day. Tomorrow we hit the ground running with our lives again. I’m sorry about my spring break, but I did enjoy having my kids around for the last few days. I am going to miss being home. At least it’s a short week! Bring on the weekend!


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