03-23-17 Only Medicinally…

There’s a scene in one of my favorite Christmas movies, Little Women, (before you argue and take sides with Tim, yes, it’s a Christmas movie) where the main character Jo is offered a glass of alcohol. The man handing her the cup asks her if she drinks, and she answers, “Only medicinally,” to which he responds along the lines of “Then pretend you have a cold.”

If you’ve hung around this blog for awhile, you will know that I don’t really drink alcohol all that much. Not because I am against drinking in moderation, but because the main effect it has on me is to put me quickly to sleep. Therefore I usually only drink when I am sick and having problems sleeping, hence my medicinal reference.

Tim keeps a few bottles of wine around, but he drinks only slightly more often than I do. There’s a guy at work that sometimes gives me bottles of champagne when I finish an edit for him, and they usually sit around until I get sick.

As you recall, my spring break was a bust… as in while most people were enjoying quiet time and being productive, I was cleaning up a sick kid who threw up in her medical mask in the middle of the night. (It was as disgusting as it sounds, btw.) And apparently between all the sicknesses that have paraded through our house, and working full-time, and being a mom, and being a wife, and being everything else I have piled on top of myself… somewhere between doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, and laundry… I forgot to pay my water bill.

Not only did I forget to pay my water bill, somehow I missed any and/or all notices threatening to shut off our water. So imagine my delight when I went to rinse off some portobello mushrooms I had been saving for my dinner only to find out I had no water. None. Zilch. Nada.

After a much needed meltdown, I got online, paid the bill, called to have the water turned back on, and found out I have to wait until the morning to talk to someone. I pulled myself together and figured out how to wind down the evening. I made Big E pee off the deck so that he wouldn’t try flushing any toilets (I know, crazy mom… it’s 35 degrees outside and he was not amused.) I got the boys to bed, rather quickly on account of there being no water for teeth brushing, and came downstairs to survey my situation. I have two gallons of water to ration until the morning. Tim’s going to bring another two gallons of water home so hopefully I’ll be able to wash my hair in the morning.

The thing is, nearly everything I do after the kids go to bed involves water… Washing my dishes… doing laundry… taking a bath. I called a friend and she gave me some lovely advice. Just sit. Forget about the things I should be doing because I can’t be doing them. Just sit.

So folks, that’s what I’m doing. I’m pretending I have a cold. I’ve opened my $60 bottle of champagne and I am sitting in the dark, tapping away at this keyboard. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal. In fact, it might just be a blessing in disguise. No striving tonight. No trying to beat a clock. No rushing. Just silence.

Blessed silence.


Chances are if you see me in the morning, my hair will look a mess and my children unkempt, but I’ll be more rested than I have been in months! Goodnight sweet friends…


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