03-24-17 The Case of the Mystery Illness…


Tim woke me up from my champagne induced slumber last night to let me know that he was home and that C had been complaining about her legs hurting. We had decided early yesterday morning that we would keep her home from school one more day just to be sure we weren’t sending the flu into her class. I had deadlines at work, so Tim said he could take her with him. Apparently halfway through the day her legs started to get sore, and by the time they got home in the evening Tim had to carry her in.

This morning when she woke up she couldn’t even stand. Every time we tried to touch her legs near her calf muscles she complained that it hurt really bad. We had to carry her everywhere. It became apparent pretty quickly that we were not going to be able to send her to school in that condition. She couldn’t even bear weight on her legs. Her joints all seemed fine. Her feet didn’t hurt. It was just her calf muscles.

I had to wait for the pediatrician’s office to open, so I decided to do the one thing you should never do when you are dealing with an illness… I googled it.

Once I got past all the horrible things like cancer and certain and inevitable death, I was able to find an article about children that complained about calf muscle pain 2-3 days after having a high fever brought on by influenza. The studies I read about said it was a rare, but pretty harmless situation and might take up to a week to resolve itself.

All of the symptoms matched what C was experiencing, but I went ahead and called the pediatrician. By that point she had started to be able to walk on her tiptoes, but was absolutely unable to put her heels to the ground. Since she was having such difficulty, the doctor said that he wanted to see her and we made an appointment this afternoon. So I ended up staying home from work so that I could take her in.

Throughout the day she didn’t really seem to improve. When I took her to the doctor I had to put her in a stroller because she couldn’t walk that far and I couldn’t carry her. The doctor did an exam and came to the same conclusion that I had, that this mystery illness was brought on by the flu. He had initially been concerned about possible blood clots, but was able to quickly rule those out. He said there wasn’t much we could do but give her some warm baths and ibuprofen and wait for her body to heal. If she isn’t walking normally by Monday, I am supposed to give them a call.

This evening I gave her a bath and she said the warm water definitely helped a great deal, but once she was out of the bath the pain was back and she seemed no better. So I’m praying that my dear sweet girl can start walking again soon. She’s going to a birthday party at the park in the morning and is already disappointed she won’t be able to run around with the other kids. She did, however, ask to go to bed early so that she would be well rested for the party. I feel sorry for my sweet girl. She missed an entire week of school and needs to get back as soon as possible.




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