03-25-17 My Girl Can Walk!!!


After what seems like an exceedingly long, dark winter the brighter days and warmer temps are starting to settle in. C woke up this morning with little inclination to walk, but was keen to attend her cousin’s birthday party. I secretly hoped that exposing her to her cousins and the playground would be the motivation she might need to push past the pain in her legs. When we got to the park I insisted that she ride in the stroller until we got to the picnic area. As we were heading that way she told me she was embarrassed to be in the stroller and begged me to get out. I permitted her to and she jumped up and started running tip toe to her cousins. Within a half an hour she came excitedly up to me to show me that she was able to put her heels to the ground and from there she started running around like normal!! The kids ran and played for hours.

This afternoon after her nap she once again complained that her legs hurt, but we took a walk to the stinky bridge and by the time we got there she was feeling much better. So it would appear that the worst of it is over. I’m so grateful for that!

The kids enjoyed their outings today and were quite ready for bed this evening!

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