03-26-17 You’re kidding me, right?!?


I stared in disbelief at the thermometer this morning.


No, this isn’t happening. It can’t be happening.

But there it was, plain as day, staring me in the face.


Big E woke up with a fever. Big E woke up with the flu. He started complaining about the same symptoms C complained about early last week. So there we have it, he has the flu. The strange thing is, that the temp spiked high this evening and I called the on call pediatrician and she said it was very, very, very rare for you to get Flu A twice in one season. She suspects it’s flu b. But wait. C had flu A. Are you telling me that Big E has flu B? A completely different flu?!!? Are you saying that there is a new flu running through my house that none of my other kids have gotten yet?!? Dear woman, I pray you are wrong!

Either way, there is no denying that Big E is down for the count. Out of an abundance of caution I am shipping Baby E out to the grandparents in hopes that he avoids this round. I can’t handle him having more seizures. I just cant.

So, if I might trespass on your kindness once more, my family could yet again use some prayer. Pray that Big E sleeps well tonight and recovers quickly. Pray that C (who said she was feeling a little unwell this evening) would wake up healthy in the morning. Pray that Baby E doesn’t come down with any of it. And that Tim and I can stay healthy as well. I’ll admit that I am deep in the trenches of self-pity right now. Tim and I are tired. We are exhausted. We need a break. We really, really do.

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