03-27-17 Fevers, fevers, fevers…

We walked into the pediatrician’s office at just after 5pm. Their walk in hours start at 5 and there were already 10 families in the waiting room and who knows how many already back in exam rooms. My heart sank, but I signed us up anyway and asked how long the wait would be. At least an hour. I sighed and turned around to find us seats. I got the kids settled, filled out the paperwork and turned it in. I sat down next to C and surveyed our surroundings. The office was warm, made warmer by the number of people sitting there. Most were young children with either bright rosy cheeks or very pale complexions. All of them looked as miserable as my kids and all of them sweating and uncomfortable. I stared at my own kids, thinking about the germs they might pick up in an hour of waiting in a hot, stuffy room with other sick children and I stood up. Yes, I want them to be seen, but I can’t expose them to more sickness. We left.

I hoped the Urgent Care downstairs would be faster, and I was optimistic as I opened the door, only seeing four people in the waiting room, but their wait was 2+ hours. No, that didn’t seem worth it either. So we left.

By then the ibuprofen must have kicked in because they were pleading for some food and begging for Burger King. It was out of the way, but it’s the first time Big E had really wanted food, so we made the special trip. They gobbled it all down.

When C woke up this morning she wasn’t in the least bit feverish. She felt great, so I sent her to school. Apparently half way through the day she didn’t feel well, but was too shy to tell her teacher so she suffered it out and was running a high temp by the time she got home. I wish she had mentioned something. Big E’s fever was running 103.6 so I thought if I took them down they could both be looked at. Maybe tomorrow if they are still feeling low.

Today was not too bad. I disinfected their room and bathroom and this evening I plan to work on the kitchen. I regret not being at work, and I’m bummed to be using my vacation days like this, but I am also grateful to get some extra time with my kids. Tomorrow they will both be home. Baby E is with his grandparents and will stay there until all of this passes. I miss him already. The temperature was beautiful today and most of the day was spent with the windows open. I’m hoping the fresh air will help me combat all these germs.

Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. Today I feel a little bit more refreshed. I’m sure we have a few more days of this, but then Lord willing, it will be over for the season. I’m excited about warm days and long evenings and I can’t wait to get us all outside again.

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