03-31-17 The Fever Broke

I picked Big E up from his grandparents’ house last night after work. When I had gotten there, he was running a pretty high temp despite having had ibuprofen an hour earlier. He was burning up and extremely tired. I brought him home but the fever was still intense. I decided to give him a little Tylenol and get him to bed. I set my alarm for 1 am, knowing that by then the fever reducers should have worn off and he would need a new dose. However when I made it in there at 1, he was sound asleep and his whole body was completely drenched in sweat. His hair was slicked to his head and his face was glistening. I reached out and touched his damp skin only to find that he felt almost cold to the touch. I decided to forgo the meds and see how he did in the morning.

This morning he came running into my room and jumped on my bed without a care in the world, begging for food and laughing. After a very long week, he was finally feeling better. He remained fever free the rest of the day.

I am beyond grateful that he is feeling better! Baby E is going to stay away for a few more days. That will give us the chance to finish disinfecting everything. I’m just so glad to see this smile!


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