04-01-17 Clean Up Day!!


Today was clean up day for C’s American Heritage Girls troop. They spent the morning beautifying the grounds of the church where their meetings are held. While my kids are still a little young to be actually helpful, it was a good experience for them to work along side other kids and adults and give back to their local community. They washed windows, pulled weeds, and laid and spread mulch. There was a little grumbling when they decided they were bored and they begged to go somewhere special once we were done. I took them aside and explained to them that we would not be going anyplace special on account of them working this morning. I want them to understand the concept that helping others doesn’t equate getting something for ourselves in return. We were going to work, not because we would have a fun activity to look forward to, but rather the work was the activity. As they started to get comfortable around more of the kids, they definitely started to be more productive and helpful. We ended the clean up day with hot dogs and chips. The grounds looked lovely and the kids got the chance to think about others before themselves.

We came home for a much needed nap and then spent the afternoon going for a walk and then spent some time on the local beach. We are looking forward to the warmer weather and the chance to go and play on the beach more often. The kids enjoy it very much!



Baby E is still having fun at his grandparents’ house and will likely return Monday evening.

We get a ton of papers back from C’s school. There are a lot of projects she works on in class and plenty of artwork comes home. But my absolute favorite pieces are the spontaneous ones that C creates at home when boredom pushes her into creativity.

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