04-02-17 A Quiet Day with our Girl


When I heard the noise it pulled me from a deep sleep; a long, loud blast that I could feel resonate through my body. As I came to I wondered why the train passing was so loud. In my stupor I knew that didn’t seem right. We live by the sea, with no trains near twenty miles at least. I wondered if it had all been a dream, but it wasn’t the first night I had heard it. It had happened earlier in the week as well. Tim texted me from downstairs to ask me if I had heard it, so I knew I hadn’t made it up. When he came up a few minutes later he confirmed that it sounded like a train to him as well. It didn’t happen again, but I wonder what it was… A passing ship, perhaps? Strange to have never heard it before and then for it to happen twice in one week. It made falling asleep again very difficult.

Today, however, was splendid. Big E spent the day with his grandparents for a post-birthday celebration. They went to lunch with some of the cousins and went and picked out their birthday present. Big E chose a dress up knight armor kit.

Baby E is still with my parents, so Tim and I got a rare day with just our girl. We took her out to lunch and then spent some time on the beach. Despite the chill in the air and the frigid temperatures of the water, she took off her shoes and ran through the sand. She brought toys and played. She walked on the rocks. She jumped in the small waves as they lapped onto the beach. She smiled so very much.

Today was a good day… a peaceful day. This time tomorrow we will all be under the same roof. I can’t wait!



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