04-03-17 Welcome Home, Baby E!!

After what seemed like an interminable commute this morning, I got to work after an hour and a half in the car. I got out, went around the van and opened the passenger side door. I remembered that I didn’t have my set of keys (that’s an entirely different story!), but rather Tim’s. The automatic lock clicker stopped working on his a few months ago, so I have to lock the car manually, which normally is not a big deal. Thinking about this, I went ahead and locked the door so I wouldn’t forget when I walked away. I picked up my cup of iced coffee I had gotten from Dunkin Donuts on my way in and promptly noticed that it was dripping down my dress… a lot. Thankfully I had a roll of paper towels in the van and I grabbed a handful to sop up the mess. As I was patting down my dress, somehow the paper towels caught hold of the little brace I wear on my recovering finger and I felt it slip off and saw it fly through the air towards the parking lot. Then I couldn’t find it. I looked frantically on the ground, near the tire, under the car- everywhere! But no luck. The van door was blocking my view so I closed the door to see better.

And the moment it closed I realized my mistake. Oops. My keys were still in the car. So was my phone, my lunch, and my coffee. Thankfully I was at work when it happened because I was able to go inside and look up information on our department of transportation. They offer motorist assistance and I was able to call them to come over and unlock my car. Within a few minutes the guy showed up and used a few tools to get it opened. My day perked up after such a ridiculous morning!

The absolute highlight of my day was having Baby E back at home. They got back right before bedtime, but I got to enjoy some wonderful snuggles and giggles. He is spending his first night in a big boy bed, so here’s hoping he doesn’t fall out! We still have to disassemble the crib, so the toddler bed is just sitting in the middle of the room, but he was extremely excited to crawl into it this evening and he fell quickly to sleep!


Welcome Home, Baby E! We sure did miss you! (Eight days is a long time.)

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