04-04-17 Today, memories were made…

We got the paperwork for the C’s first grade field trip weeks ago… a trip to the zoo. It has been a main topic of conversation ever since. There were not really space limitations, so each child was allowed to bring one person with them. After discussing it, we decided that Tim should go with her. I’ve been silently praying for weeks that she wouldn’t be sick, because I desperately wanted her and Tim to get this time together.IMG_20170404_211023_062


The weather was so beautiful today, I met Tim and the kids at the beach after work. It was the first time since last year that Baby E has walked barefoot in the sand and at first he was none to sure about it. Within a few minutes, though, he was splashing through the extremely cold water and having a blast. We ended the evening going out to a local pizza place before heading home and putting everyone to bed.


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