04-06-17 The night my children nearly died of starvation…


As we were getting ready for bed this evening both of my older children, at different times, stopped me to tell me how hungry they were. They weren’t just hungry, they were STARVING!! This is a pretty standard tactic in our house, a means to somehow prolong the bedtime routine. And, I confess, I used to fall for it. After all, I can’t let me dear, sweet children go to bed with a grumbling in their bellies. And tonight it crossed my mind, “perhaps I should get them something small.”

But wait? Didn’t we just have dinner? As in- less than an hour ago?!? Yes, I remember, I made dinner this evening. But did they eat it? Not really. After three bites Big E told me he was full (i.e. he lied, so he wouldn’t have to eat anymore.) And C nibbled on her meal, but scarfed down some bread. But now it’s bedtime and apparently they are starving… 

I may be a lot of things; a wife, a mom, a video editor, etc. But there is one thing that I am not… a short order cook. If it was up to them, Big E would eat his weight in PBJ, C would be packing away buttered bread and Baby E would eat sausage for every meal.

I’m sorry, kids. I don’t have the time, nor any particular desire, to bow to your picky palate preferences. It’s my job to make sure that your health needs are met, and that means feeding you (as often as possible) a well balanced meal. So I’m sorry you didn’t like the meal I cooked, but it’s twenty minutes past bedtime and you had your chance to eat. Before you complain I’m being harsh… I didn’t offer you liver and onions, it was actually a meal you have eaten countless times before and enjoyed, you just didn’t want it this evening. And sweet ones, sometimes having an empty belly isn’t such a bad thing. It reminds us of how blessed we are to live in a country and community where food is incredibly abundant, where we don’t have to worry about actual starvation. No, it’s important we graciously accept what is offered to us, no matter what it is. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and your tummy is rumbling and grumbling, get yourself a glass of water and remind yourself that maybe tomorrow you should just eat your dinner. 🙂 Love you!

PS- if my children look at you with “For only $1 a day you could save this child” kind of looks and try to convince you I don’t feed them, remind them that I feed them plenty. It’s just that they choose not to eat it!

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