04-07-17 My Tribe


This is my tribe… well, part of it. These are the women that are journeying with me through the crazy and somewhat uncertain trenches of motherhood and beyond. Some of them are outgoing and some of them are quiet. Some have lots of kids, others only one or two. Some of them work outside their homes, some of them don’t. Some of them are my sisters-in-law, while some of them are not. But we share a common bond of Christ and motherhood- and that’s enough, because those two topics transcend any of our earthly differences. These are among the women I love, the women I pray for, and the women I try to encourage, and in turn they do the same for me.

My dear sister in law will be having her fourth child in a few short weeks, so we decided to take her out, to celebrate her and enjoy her company before a newborn baby consumes much of her time. It was good to laugh, good to smile, good to just be. There is great comfort in friendship, knowing these women are all traveling the same road, making some of the same mistakes, and rejoicing in the same victories. It’s good to know we aren’t alone.


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