04-24-17 A report from the land of the stomach bug…

Four out of five of us have succumbed to this wretched bug in the last week. Somehow C still stands strong, but I imagine not for long. It’s a strange bug that lulls you into a false sense of security by making you feel only mildly ill for the first day or so and then unleashes it’s havoc just when you think you are getting better. At least that’s what I have observed. I’m still in the mild-ish stage though I’ve been going downhill all day. Tomorrow should be fun… Unless I’m miraculously cured! (Note false sense of security)

To be honest I’m feeling pretty blessed. I made it through three stomach bugs, two bouts of the flu, multiple colds, and strep unscathed this year. If you ignore the ectopic and the broken finger, this is actually my first day off from work for my own sickness since sometime in early fall. It was nice while it lasted. 😃

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