04-25-17 C’s sad experience

C got off the bus in tears this afternoon. I was asleep when the incident happened, but Tim met her as she got off. Apparently one of the neighborhood children told her she wasn’t her friend anymore and only likes​ Big E and Baby E. My poor girl was heartbroken. It was unprovoked and hurtful.

It did not surprise me when I learned which child it was, but it did make me sad because we have gone out of our way to befriend her. I’m disappointed that C is dealing with this kind of nonsense at her age, but she is, and now we have to work through it. Tim explained that C didn’t do anything wrong and sometimes people make bad choices or say hurtful things. 

Not everyone comes from a loving home and not everyone grows up knowing how to treat others. Tomorrow will come and the girl will no doubt want to play with her again.

And while I don’t want my daughter to be a scapegoat, I do want her to be able to forgive and love others as Christ loves us. I want her to learn healthy boundaries, but also be willing to go out on a limb and love the marginalized or overlooked. So tonight, instead of being frustrated or angry I’m going to pray for the little girl that lashed out today. I’m going to pray God brings more people into her life that show her that love can be unconditional and friendships are valuable. If she sees it modeled in her own life, maybe she can put it into practice herself.

Big E is on the mend. Tim seems to be getting better as well. I’m still on the fence. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

One thought on “04-25-17 C’s sad experience

  1. I feel your pain. I try not to get to wrapped up in it but I hate when kids do mean things or say things like that to my.daughter. my neighbors do stuff like that even after she’s shared her toys and I’ve helped them in hard times. Yet when we need our neighbors they aren’t there for us and it’s the way they are raised. It’s sad. And we still try to be loving towards them as Christ would but I’m trying to find a balance and not have ppl walk all over us either
    I hope today goes better for her.
    Ally likes her 🙂
    Also it can happen with Christian kids too. There’s a girl that was one of allys best friend in awana and cc stuff and she told ally she wasn’t her friend anymore last summer for no reason at all . It’s hard to see our kids in pain. But I love seeing them work through it and be the light even in the midst of their own pain.


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