05-01-17 The Pain

I felt​ the pain before I even opened my eyes. It was Saturday morning and there was a work event I was scheduled to be at by 8:30. I felt around for my phone to see what time it was… 4 am. The house was silent, save the sound of Tim’s rhythmic breathing beside me. 

The pain. What was that pain? I tried to sit up and intense pain radiated throughout my abdomen. Incredible pain. What’s wrong?? I finally got to my feet, but I couldn’t​ stand upright. The pain was so intense. I made my way downstairs where I was sure I wouldn’t wake anyone, and for the next two hours I sought every position possible to ease the pain, but it wouldn’t break, and I ended up throwing up from the discomfort. 

As I laid on the floor of my living room, it felt so very familiar to the pain of the ectopic rupture. Not as bad, but very, very close. And when the pain started to localize on my right side near my belly button, I began to wonder if it was my appendix. 

A little bit of PTSD kicked in as I started down a multitude of rabbit trails that all ended in internal bleeding or emergency surgery. By the time Tim woke up I couldn’t tell if the nausea I was feeling was from the pain or the anxiety. 

One of the many things I love about Tim is he can talk me down off almost any bridge, and I was high on top of one when he found me. He calmed me down and got me into bed. He convinced me to wait a little while longer to see if it improved before heading down to the ER. As I spent the day in bed the pain gradually (very gradually) eased, while my temperature increased and I started getting all the symptoms of a stomach bug. By evening I could stand (even though it hurt) and the center point of pain moved, taking it away from my appendix area… The first definitive sign that it wasn’t appendicitis.  My fever came down by bedtime and I slept through the night. 

In the morning I felt exponentially better than the previous morning and was able to function again.

When I talked to my mother on the phone she said my father described the same intense pain when he had the stomach bug earlier in the week.

So there it was, the stomach bug… Twice, in one week. Perhaps because my first time round was much milder than everyone else’s, I was susceptible to getting it again. I’m not sure. But it was horrible and I’m glad it’s over and I still have my appendix!!

So Lord willing, we will be done with sickness for awhile. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we could use a break! 

I’m grateful for my awesome husband who looked out for me and wrangled the kids while I was quarantined in our room. He did a great job! Now we just need to reschedule our birthday date!!

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