05-03-17 The Photo

I was sitting at my desk the other day when I looked up and noticed that I hadn’t replaced any of the pictures in my frames in quite a long while. I stared at the photographs and soaked in the smiles of C and Big E long before Baby E was even around. So, on a whim, I went through a few of my recent photos, printed them out, and replaced a few.

The one I replaced on the desk next to my computer was a picture I took only a few weeks ago of Baby E on the beach, mouth wide open in an excited scream. For the first few days it made me smile. But then there was today…

You see, I was REALLY tired today. Ridiculously tired! My allergies have made it difficult for me to sleep lately, and by the time I got to work this morning my eyes were stinging. Throughout the day they would randomly water up to the point it looked like I was crying. It was during those moments, when my eyes were tired and my vision was somewhat blurry I would catch sight of the photo out of the corner of my eye, but instead of seeing my dear, sweet baby boy, my blurred vision and foggy brain kept translating the image into Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, also known as IT. Ridiculous, I know!! So had you been sitting over my shoulder today, you might have noticed me glance over to the photo and do a little jump before shaking my head and settling back into work! I’ll see how it goes tomorrow, but if Pennywise keeps showing up, I might need to rethink my decorating choices.

Point Blur_May032017_214956

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