05-12-17 That time we *almost* made it through the week without a sickness…


I stood in complete denial as I held the thermometer in my hand. I stared at the numbers as if by sheer willpower I could make them descend, but they wouldn’t budge. 102.1- There was no sugar coating it, Big E had a fever. It was strange because he had spent the evening running around, eating everything in sight, and acting completely normal. It wasn’t until he crawled into bed that he started to complain about the headache. His face was a little red and his eyes looked exhausted. I gave him some tylenol and he slipped off to sleep.

This morning when he woke up I handed him the thermometer, holding my breathe and praying that last night had been fluke. It beeped and he handed it over… 99.5. Not great, but not bad. His head still hurt. I gave him more Tylenol and 10 minutes later he threw it up.

I’ll admit that after cleaning his throw up bowl (yes, he has one… and it has his name on it) I curled up on my bed and cried. It never ends, I whispered to the ceiling. It never ends.

I left early from work to take him to the doctor, and thankfully they saw him quickly. His fever was gone and much to my delight he was diagnosed with an ear infection. She said the cold he had been fighting for a few days had developed into the ear infection and she prescribed him some antibiotics and said he’d be much better very soon. I actually smiled, no, I grinned. I was downright giddy. I laughed inside thinking that a year ago the diagnosis of an ear infection might have caused me at least a small amount of consternation, but after the winter we have had, it was music to my ears. Finally a sickness with a simple, quick solutionIt was like we had hit the medical jackpot!!

So, Big E can add ear infection to his 2017 medical list- three stomach bugs, two bouts of the flu, strep throat, and an injured foot!!


This kid is handsome!





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