05-13-17 She knew who she was…

We had the honor of attending a memorial service today for a woman that, combined with her husband, had a great impact on me and my husband when we were in our early twenties. Around the time I moved home from New York and was settling back into my life, these two stepped up and began to lead a young adult group at our church. They became deeply involved with our lives and we spent countless hours in their company. We learned a lot about friendship and what living a godly marriage looked like in real life. A few weeks ago she passed away, and today was her service. I was encouraged by the numerous people that came up and spoke about her, all talking about the kindness, generosity, and graciousness she had exhibited throughout her entire life, but one comment in particular stuck out at me.

She knew who she was in Christ. 

Wow, should I get to the end of my life and have someone proclaim such a testament of me! Could there have been a greater compliment? She knew who she was in Christ. From that knowledge and that confident assurance was able to flow the fruits of  a transformed life, a life that lived full even within its limitations. For to have your identity wrapped up in Christ, is to know that your foundation is secure, which affords complete freedom for joy and selflessness, irrespective of your circumstances.

She knew who she was in Christ, therefore others knew about Christ through her.

Well done, a life worth living.

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