05-17-17 Beach Night

My house is covered in sand. There is sand in the foyer, sand under the kitchen table, sand in the kids’ beds. There is sand everywhere.

And that is completely fine by me, because tonight memories were made. Tim has been working a lot this past week, so for the most part it is just me and the kids. As I contemplated what to do with them on the ride home from work this evening I looked up to see that the car was reading 104 degrees outside. Granted it had been sitting in the sun so it wasn’t actually that hot, but the reality is 95 degrees is pretty hot too! So I ran by the house before picking them up to grab their bathing suits.

They hurriedly changed and eagerly climbed into the van. When we got to the beach we ran into some friends, and the kids were off. They spent the next hour and a half running around, splashing in the water, making sand angels, swinging on the swings, playing pirates on the ship, and wearing themselves out. We didn’t get home until well after what should have been their bedtime. We ate a quick dinner and everyone was ready for sleep!


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