05-18-17 An unexpected letter…

I woke up this morning with a serious case of the dizzies. Every time I stood up the world definitely tilted to the right and it didn’t take long to start feeling queasy. Tim stayed near work last night, which might have been a blessing because it forced me to push through how I was feeling and get C on the bus and the boys to the sitter. Strangely I felt​ fine driving, but the moment I parked the van at work, it started in again. So most of the day I was in a dizzy funk, but thankfully I was able to get work done in spite of it.

When I picked the kids up this evening they begged for pizza, which I immediately agreed to because it meant I wouldn’t have to spend any dizzy time in the kitchen. As we were eating our pizza, C ran out of the room and returned with a note she had written to me at school today, an apology for our rough evening the other night. 

This girl makes my heart smile. I read her letter and held her close, reminding her how much she is loved, no matter her behavior. She smiled and nuzzled her head in my neck. Such a sweet girl.

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