05-19-17 A Full Day

Big E had his end of the year ceremony for his preschool Mom’s Morning Out program this afternoon, so I ended up taking the day off so that I was sure not to miss it. Honestly, it was the first non sick day I have taken in about 8 months and it was definitely needed! I got all the kids where they needed to be this morning and then I ran a few errands. After that, I met up with C at her school and surprised her by joining her during her lunch period. I got to sit with her friends and talk and laugh. The very chatty little boy sitting across from me told me all about how he could see out his mom’s belly button before he was born, so he knew that she lived in Ocean City at the time. No one ever believes me when I tell them that, he said emphatically. Good luck, kid!

After lunch with C, I headed over to Big E’s MMO ceremony. The kids were adorable, performing a song, and heading outside to eat popsicles. After leaving there we got the other kids and eventually made it to the beach, where we met up with some cousins and stayed for nearly three hours! The weather was hot, but as the evening set in, it really got very pleasant out. Baby E fussed for awhile, but finally came around. This evening was also the weekly farmer’s market, and we ran into a lot of people that we know, so the kid got to play with even more friends.

Getting them to bed this evening was pretty quick work, as they were all pretty exhausted from their long day. And while I may not have gotten a lot of down time on my day off, I did get some great moments with my kids and the chance to hang out with some dear friends.

Today was pretty close to perfect. 🙂


He’s growing up!


As we sat at dinner this evening, I informed Baby E that he was not getting ice cream unless he ate all of his eggs. That little stinker picked up a whole handful of eggs, squished them in his hand, hid that hand on his lap and proceeded to tell me that he had eaten all of his eggs!!! He’s two! Where did he learn that move?? BTW- he didn’t get any ice cream.

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